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Start your work at Nativated Group as an Educational Program Coordinator!

What will the role involve?

Your work will involve managing an educational program who are involved in a number of commercial and social projects run by the Nativated Group. Your responsibilities will include:

  • creating program reports,

  • supervising teacher-student matching process,

  • gathering and analyzing student feedback,

  • monitoring student satisfaction and organizing online events aimed at student community building,

  • assisting teachers in solving student-related problems.

Who are we looking for?

The perfect candidate for this role will:


  • have work experience in an educational organization,

  • have personal teaching experience,

  • have the ability to work both in Polish and in English.


How to apply?

Please send your CV to us using the application form using the button below.

Time comitment: full-time

Location: Warsaw, Poland 

Application deadline: Monday, 31st of October 2022

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