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Nativated – English online with native speakers from Oxford and Cambridge

Nativated allows students of different ages and professions to master speaking skills in English while simultaneously developing other interests in other fields. Our teachers specialize in various of knowledge such as politics, mathematics, law or medicine. As a result, English speaking sessions become a unique intellectual experience that makes the learning process very interesting and effortless.

The platform's framework is based on: 

  • individual 60-minute long lessons with native speakers,

  • Conversation topics picked by students including law, politics, medicine, and more,

  • over 300 signed-up teachers – all students or alumni of the University of Oxford and Cambridge,

  • reliable virtual classroom to conduct the lessons.

Our clients include:

  • high school students who need English to study abroad,

  • university students who study in English and need practice,

  • professionals who work in English and want to improve their speaking skills to talk more naturally with clients and colleagues.

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