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Educational entrepreneurship
on a mission to transform the way we create
social change

We are young entrepreneurs developing technology-driven educational projects. Following the idea of social entrepreneurship, we create mechanisms to contribute to social change while growing our commercial activities. We work with companies and NGOs to provide education that makes a real change in the life our students.

Our vision

The social entrepreneurship model

We excel in education design
and technology
to provide the
best online learning experience

We offer educational services to companies and organizations 
that want to empower the youth

We use our technology
built for commercial purpose
to empower NGOs

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B2B sales

Educational expertise

Social entrepreneurship

Meet our co-founders

Technology expert coordinating the creation of our digital products

  • 4-year IT studies graduate

  • 6 years in IT development

Adam Galant

CTO & Co-founder


Education expert designing and creating our learning experiences

  • University of Oxford graduate 

  • 5 years in educational projects

Michał Tarnowski

CEO & Co-founder


Our partnters include:

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Our Commercial Projects


Nativated Academy
Comprehensive, goal-oriented educational programs

We work with our students and their parents to set comprehensive educational goals which they follow with a set of professional teachers. We help our clients with university applications, extracurricular development and achieving academic excellence at any stage of development.

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Nativated B2B
Educational programs targeting the needs of companies and NGOs

We create tailored programs to help companies meet their employee satisfaction and PR goals through channeling funds towards socially-oriented initiatives. We also support educational NGOs in meeting the goals they set for their students.

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We are currently looking for:


Transforming the tutoring market in Poland.

We co-created the platform Nauczeni.pl that provides online tutors with a set of digital tools that help them educate students in an innovative and effective way. Our technology covers lesson booking, virtual whiteboard, teacher accounting, and payment processing.

Manage a group of volunteers and deliver a technology-driven pro-bono educational project. Work includes:

  • Managing a team of five 

  • Setting and monitoring goals

  • Implementing outreach strategy

  • Creating reports and updates

Social Campaign

Warsaw, Poland or remote work

Coordinate the teaching processes in a comprehensive educational program. Work includes:

  • Managing a 30-teacher network

  • Co-designing teaching processes

  • Monitoring educational goals

  • Creating reports for our clients

Educational Program

Warsaw, Poland

Our Social Projects


Platforma Społeczna (Social Platform)
English online with native speakers from Oxford and Cambridge

We are creating an online platform that will enable NGOs to run social campaigns online using our technology for free. We work together with NGOs to design the tools in a way that will be suited best to their needs. We want to help NGOs scale their initiatives and evaluate impact more effecively.


Teaching For Heroes
Free online classes for the children of medics fighting against the pandemic

During the second wave of the pandemic, we partnered with a number of organizations in Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan to provide free online tutoring to the children of medics fighting the crisis. We completed over 7000 free lessons over the course of 6 months.

Project currently being incubated within the Fundusz Sektor 3.0 program

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Our pro-bono technology solution for NGOs, was accepted to the incubation program of the Information Society Development Foundation .

Social Platform accepted
to Fundusz Sektor 3.0 incubation program

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Our co-founder was invited to join the discussion about the Polish EdTech companies during the launch of Startup Poland's report.

Michał Tarnowski
in panel debate at the
Polish EdTech report launch

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Our most recent developments

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English online with native speakers from Oxford and Cambridge

We offer 1-on-1 English conversation classes with native speakers who are students or alumni of the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge. Lessons focus on the areas of interest of our students. They cover conversations about history, arts, mathematics, medicine or economics.

Our educational programs are tailored to the need of each student. Our framework includes:​

  • goal-oriented educational plans created together with students and their parents,

  • combining the expertise of experienced professional teachers with the passion of recent university graduates.

online tutoring

Educational programs
for B2B clients

We offer educational programs for companies for the children of their employees and other groups they want to support.

  • Companies combine their employee satisfaction and PR goals in one project.

  • Professional project coordinators provide an end-to-end solution .

social campaigns

We use our technology to create social change together with our partners from the world of NGOs.

  • We find ways to use our technology pro-bono to foster social change. 

  • We partner with experienced NGOs to use their knowledge empowered by our technology to create social projects.