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Nativated B2B – tailored educational programs for companies and NGOs

We offer educational programs for companies willing to support the employees, their children or other groups of their interest.

  • The programs targeting employees are built on the expertise of Nativated and focus on English speaking skills.

  • The programs targeting the children of employees serve as a unique employee benefit. The children work according to individual learning plans set by the mentoring team of Nativated Academy.

  • The programs targeting specific groups of children are a great way for the company to contribute to the society through education.

The programs can cover specific groups and topics such as:

  • climate education for the children from the company's city,

  • STEM education for underpriviledged children from Poland,

  • English speaking classes program for the employees focused on economics, politics or other areas of science.

  • Comprehensive 2-year educational program focused on university applications of the employees' children

  • Broad school support program fo the employees' children

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